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Love this visualization tool!


But it's not like there are any other applications that give hydrogen orbitals


Pretty cool, but it crashes every time on my iPod Touch.

not as good as the desktop app

The desktop application is unbelievable. This iPhone version doesn't do superpositions (hybrid orbitals), and doesn't do the "slice" view that I like so much either. It does rotate "with gravity" though, which is neat.


Crashes on my iphone4. No response from developer. Boooooo!!

Beautiful physics visualization!

This app takes the desktop version and brings it to iPhone, and it's just as spectacular! If you teach physics or chemistry, you NEED this app!

Physics is Gorgeous!

This application awes any viewer with its beautifully rendered imagery, elegantly capturing how the quantum mechanical universe is symmetrical and unquestionably pleasing to our aesthetic natures. The equations show the intellectual depth and inspiration that moulded these ideas, from Bohr, Heisenberg, Bohm, Pauli, Dirac, Feynman, Schrödinger, Fermi, Einstein, Yukawa, Rutherford, Landau, Klein, Gordon, and the many other countless names that have contributed to quantum mechanics / quantum field theory, a triumph of humanity's tireless efforts to comprehend nature's music. Regardless of your experience with Lagrangians, wavefunctions, eigenvalues, and the many mathematical structures that illuminates the ideas of quantum mechanics, this application will enhance a student's imagination and very probably inspire curiosity to continue learning the physics behind these dynamic images.

best app ever


Needs to upgrade to iPad size!

This is a wonderful app that I will be sharing with my class. I would really like it to have been developed for the size of the iPad's screen size though.

Solid app, but really overpriced

It does as it describes.

Fun app

Very cool program, and actually fairly useful too. The program shows psi as a magnitude and as a complex function with phase represented by color, which is useful for understanding chemical bonding, among other things. Not to mention it just looks really cool, even if you don't know exactly what it represents As for showing psi squared, there would be no point; it would look almost exactly the same as the black-and-white version. The depictions of wavefunctions in chemistry textbooks are stylized to be easier to visualize and draw overlapped (see Silberberg 2009). This program shows what the electron densities actually look like.

Awesome app

This really is an amazing program. Mr. Godfrey showed it t us in AP chem and it was really cool to have a 3D model of what would normally be difficult to visualize. Great job. Only thing is it's awful expensive isn't it?


This would have been a great aid for when I was taking QM!

Very Good for Students and Teachers

I wish I had something like this when I was in college. To those complaining about the price, not everything in life is free. My only gripe would be there is no way to pan out/zoom in.

Pearls before the swine

Pay no attention to those who obviously don’t have the intellect to understand or appreciate this product. Even if you have never solved the time independent Schrodinger equation for a central potential in three dimensions you can still enjoy this software. In essence, what it shows is the places where you would most likely find an electron in “orbit” around a hydrogen nucleus for the different energies the system can possess. Although this problem was mathematically solved early last century, methods of visualizing the complex mathematical functions as elegantly as simply as this are relatively new. Van Gogh’s Starry Night was painted a long time ago that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful or isn’t important today. Ten dollars is inexpensive if you know what it takes to put something like this together. I would have paid double that. If you have done the math you will love this software. If you haven’t but you do have an open curious mind you can still appreciate it's beauty and maybe use it to inspire you to learn more about the fascinating subject of Quantum Mechanics.

Nice but expensive

Probably the app I show to people the most. That said, I don't admit how much I paid for it. Nice piece of technology here for visualizing complicated math.


no clue really what it is, but I'm interested in learning more!


To those who love science, this is a wonderful work of art


though I'm not a physicist, my interest in physics makes it possible for me to enjoy the elegant beauty and simplicity of this highly technical and complex concept in a way I've never seen before. truly excellent use of the iphones capabilities.

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